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Hi, I'm

Love_Others_Cathy-26 copy.png

A professional certified coach

Wellbeing CHOPRA Instructor 

PSYCH-K® Facilitator - 1 in 10


Committed to co-create with you a life that you LOVE through self-empowerment, personal development energy management, and choice making.

Who I am

Chronic pain specialist...


I am 1 in 10 means, I have a chronic illness that affects 176 million people worldwide! Endometriosis (Adenomyosis) and an other chronic condition the

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.


Why am I going to expose personal struggles online, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, surgeries ?


Because for me sharing experiences, treatments, diet...hearing others stories, contributing, inspiring is an amazing purpose in life.


Let's reveal my journey to Optimal Well!

Through Big Life-changing choices I realized that I might not have a choice about my chronic illness but I have a choice about how to live with it.


Living as rich and meaningful a life as possible when you are struggling with chronic pain requires, chronic care management, resources and flexibility that I can´t wait to share with you.

Where I go

Love Energy

Thriving living a meaningful life

With transformation, awareness, and well being I co-create personalized resources and strategies that will change your whole life.


Can't wait to be part of your life story

Love & Light

Love_Others_Cathy-26 copy.png

Grateful for Enlightened beautiful souls

Deepak Chopra and my amazing teachers

Rob Williams, Sandra, and the PSYCH-K®️ community.

1 in 10 - endomethriosis - yellowribbon.
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